Go on an eagle tour in Hornbeak, TN

See Our National Bird in Its Natural Habitat

You may have seen bald eagles in zoos, but you have ever seen the majestic birds soaring through the sky or perched up in a tree? Book an eagle guided tour with Petty Guide Service and you can. Our expert guides know the lay of the land and will take you where the eagles are on your eagle tour in Hornbeak, TN. All you have to do is show up at 7 A.M. for your tour, and we'll handle the rest. Book your excursion today.

Before you go on your eagle guided tour, you may want to brush up on the elegant birds.

Did you know?

  • Eagles can fly up to 30 mph
  • Female bald eagles are larger than males
  • Eagles mate for life
  • Eagles can live to be 30 years old in the wild

All the facts in the world can't compare to seeing them in the wild. Schedule your eagle tour today.

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